About Me

Mount Katadin, 7th visitMy name is David Waters. I am an internet marketer, an avid outdoor enthusiast (primarily fishing, camping and hiking) and a fitness advocate and authority, author of The Fitness Center Handbook. I also run the sites SuperMuscular.com and SuperFitnessForever.com

I have a degree in Physical Education from the University of Massachusetts, with a minor in marketing. After a long career in the fitness field as a fitness director, manager and fitness trainer, I made a major career change to the field of high tech sales. This eventually led me to the area of internet marketing.

I was introduced to a the wonder of the great outdoors at an early age. I have been fortunate to have taken several fly fishing trips across North America and I have done extensive hiking in the northeast U.S. The web site NahanniCampingandFishingClub.com chronicles some of these adventures.

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