List Building Course

List Building – The Money is In the List

There is a saying you may have heard – The Money is in the List!  There is a reason that this saying is well know….. that is simply because it is true!

And what if someone could teach you all the in’s and out’s of building a huge, massive, responsive email marketing list? What if someone could show you the secrets?

Knowing this information WOULD change your life and your online struggles!

This is the one skill standing between you and success online.

There are plenty of people who think they can teach you how to build a big list of subscribers but do they have one themselves?  If not, they are trying to make themselves into an expert. Come on, you’re smarter than that. You want someone who is an expert. Someone who has a massive list of email subscribers of their own.

And you want someone who has a stellar reputation in the industry.

Who am I referring to? Jim Cockrum (from the Proven Amazon Course).

Jim has over 120,000 subscribers that enjoy his weekly email newsletter. Did you catch that??? 120,000 subscribers. Jim didn’t purchase or illegally gather these names, all of them are 100% confirmed opt-in email addresses. That means that ALL of the subscribers on Jim’s list asked to join the email list and then confirmed it a second time (by email) before being added to his newsletter campaign.

That’s a HUGE accomplishment and it clearly qualifies Jim as one of the premier email list growth experts of our time.

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Can you envision your life without that boss that tracks your every minute? 
Can you imagine the freedom that comes with extra money and time?
Can you see how those financial worries would drift away?

In this training course Jim Cockrum reveals his secrets for growing a large, responsive, attentive email list. He shows you specifically how and explains why in these videos. There are ways to add hundreds or even thousands of new subscribers in a few days using the strategies that Jim will show you. Jim’s own personal email list is growing by 100-200 subscribers every day even when he does NOTHING.